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I’ve never met a customer I couldn’t win over, a plate too hot to touch, or a tray too full to carry, because

I am a seasoned service professional.

With the Restaurant Training Videos training program, your team members will be too.

My story is simple.

When I started waiting tables, I was more like a headless chicken than a soaring eagle. I made a conscious effort to learn and improve, collecting service industry secrets and strategies by working as a busser, host, server, and manager until I knew food service in and out, front to back. I’ve compiled my years of knowledge and experience into an effective and efficient training program, so your staff don’t have to wing it – they’ll come through every guest interaction with flying colors.

Every guest is an opportunity, and your service staff are the ones who will turn first-time customers into regulars. Restaurant Training Videos provides straightforward and engaging training to empower team members, streamline guest service, lift team morale and turn any employee into a seasoned service professional. Once we take them under our wing, you’ll see the difference. Try Restaurant Training Videos and watch your sales take off.

Lindsay Wood

Service Industry Expert & Owner of Restaurant Training Videos

Founder, Lindsay Wood

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Diningroom with happy customers


  • Leadership for creating cohesive teams
  • Getting the most from your team
  • Motivation that works
  • Creating fairness and a welcoming work environment
  • Awesome service tips and tricks
  • Service recovery that will wow your guests
  • More!
Employee on call with customer


  • Creating a fantastic first impression
  • Engaging with guests
  • Getting the most out of teamwork
  • Awesome service tips and tricks
  • Encouraging repeat visits
  • Starting service on the right foot
  • More!
Dining table


  • How to be a bussing powerhouse and keep service moving
  • Becoming an optimal team player
  • Prioritizing to maximize efficiency
  • Developing an awesome work ethic
  • more!
Happy dining customers


  • Creating an amazing guest experience from A-Z
  • Awesome service tips and tricks
  • Prioritizing to maximize efficiency
  • Creating unstoppable service through refined teamwork
  • Guest service recovery that works
  • Wine knowledge to help sell more wine
  • Creating guests who evangelize your restaurant

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